IDE to Compact Flash :-)

These units allow users to replace traditional hard drives with standard Compact Flash cards.

There are some real nice bennefits to using compact flash in place of a regular hard drive.
These include:
- very low power consumption (less then 0.5W)
- Fast startup, no spin up time, or USB bottleneck
- high transfer rate
- phisically very durable
- compatibility with IDE drivers, nothing special needed
- they are completely silent
- The use commodity (cheap and plentiful) CF cards

The frugal script works very nicely with CF, as it keeps disk writes to a minimum which is exactly what is needed to keep a compact flash card alive for a long time.

Slap in a CF card with a myDSL image frugally installed and you have a virtually indestructible system which will be nearly hack proof. The combination of DSL, a mini-itx board running on an IDE/CF card and power it by a fanless power supply and you have a very efficient, very foolproof system which make virtually no noise.

This might sound unprofessional of me, but to a Linux geek IDE to CF adaptors are just plain cool!


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John's toy
Bootable USB Pen Drive
DSL on a CD
  IDE/Compact Flash 2.5 inch 44 pin connector $19.95
  IDE/Compact Flash 3.5 inch 40 pin connector $19.95
  DSL on a 1 Gig CF card $89.00
  1 Gig Flash DOM with DSL preinstalled, for BarBones $75.00