About the DSL computer component store

Huh? What? Okay, why is there a store selling hardware on the Damn Small Linux website?

Fair enough question. Well, to put it simply, the more this store earns the less we have to work our day jobs. The less we have to work our day jobs, the more we get to work on developing DSL. So, the better this store does, the better DSL will get.

All right, I get it--you would like to earn some bread while keeping DSL free and thriving, but why this stuff? Everybody knows that margins are slim with computer components.

Yeah true, but we figure that we better offer stuff that the user base of DSL would find interesting. And to geeks (yes, that's what most of us are) things such as Mini-ITX computers and IDE/flash hard drives are cool, yet affordable.

So, you going to turn the great DSL distribution into stinking ad-ware?

Nah, it's all about discretion. You all will know it's here, and we won't be hitting you in the head with ads all over the place.

Hah! You all think you can have a successful store just like that, huh? I tell you it's doomed, doomed, DOOMED!

Well, the prices are good, and we got karma on our side. I think the odds are pretty good :-).


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