Bargain Fanless Mini-ITX BareBones Computer

Bargain Mini-ITX BareBones Computer now in stock!

This super compact Mini-ITX barebones system is the best Mini-ITX deal on the net. It is very speedy and extremely compact. Though perfect as a speedy, thin client, I am sure most DSL users would prefer to use it with a mini-drive, compact flash, or via USB boot.

The case dimensions are very small at 213 x 45 x 200 mm, yet it it still has a stylish design and 4 USB ports (two front and two rear).

Here is the case sitting on top of the much larger Casetronic 2677.
In addition, here it is standing side by side with the 2677 to give you an idea of how compact the Bargain Barebones is next to a standard Mini-ITX case.
On the back side, we have all the standard perifials.

Motherboard Specs:
Processor - Via C3 1 GHz CPU
Core Chipset - VT8235 (SB) & VIA CLE266 (NB) Integrated 2D/3D Video
Accelerator (2 to 64MB shared memory)
VGA - good up to 1920x1440 w/CTR and 1600*1200 LCD
RAM - One 184-pin DIMM socket for DDR, supporting up to 1GB
Integrated LAN - Realtek RT8100C 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
Audio - AC'97 Codec
IO - 2 X PS/2,
4 X USB2.0,
1 X Parallel connector,
1 X Serial connector,
1 X VGA connector,
1 X Audio connectors (Mic and Audio-Out),
1 X 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet.
Onboard I/O pin - 1 X USB2.0 pin header,
1 X Serial pin header,
1 X Audio pin header,
1 X SPDIF pin header.

The performance is a lot like a Via M10000, which makes sense because it shares the same processor, mini-itx form factor, and DDR RAM capabilities.

What does it look like inside? As you can see, this is a compact design! Check out that heatsink....The rubber on top of the sink mates itself to the case to maximize heat transfer without the need for a fan.
One more shot of the board, this time from the top.
Finally, to bring it all into perspective, here is the obligatory CD case shot.

Such a system is perfect for bringing out the best of Damn Small Linux. It is really a fantastic experience to run DSL on such a powerful and silent machine. It would also be a very good front-end for a home-brewed PVR system.

Price? Just $245!

For that you get a 1 GHz Via C3 DDR ram compatible motherboard, and a truly fanless case with integrated power supply.

We are now offering a compatible 1 Gig IDE flash disk on module with DSL preinstalled.



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