Mini-ITX Computer Systems for the Damn Small Linux Community

Based around the Morex 3688 and the dependable yet affordable Epia 5000 and Epia M10000. All units come standard with 256MB PC100 SDRAM memory which is enough to comfortably run DSL without a swap partition.

Currently, we are offering solid state systems which have no moving parts and are very energy efficient:
1) a box without any IDE drive.
Yes, you read that right. Why? Because the Epia 5000 is also able to boot off of a USB drive and with DSL running from a pen, that need is covered. USB boot-time is a little slower, but once DSL is up, it runs just fine.

2) the same box with 512MB Compact Flash IDE drive with DSL pre-installed.
This is a completely solid-state computer running DSL via our FRUGAL install and which will give you plenty of room to install your favorite extensions.


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Mini ITX Systems

John's toy
Bootable USB Pen Drive
DSL on a CD
  The Damn Small Machine with 512MB IDE Flash $399
  The Damn Small Machine, With 1GB IDE Flash Drive $475
  Nano-ITX Computer The Damn Small Machine! $375.00
  The Damn Small Machine, No Drive [BLOWOUT] $199
  533MHz fanless Mini-ITX PC - ON SALE - $200
  Bargain Fanless Mini-ITX BareBones Computer $245.00
  Damn Small Machine 1Ghz [BLOWOUT] $210