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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Aug. 10 2008,16:42
Version 4.4.4 is now posted:

* Fixed bug in floppytool.sh - calling non-existent busybox applet
* Added support for environment variable BACKUP=0 to change the default backup option in dslexit

Posted by jls legalize on Aug. 27 2008,22:47
I keep on seeing home/dsl in /opt/.filetool.lst, I delete it and after some time it appears again. I don't need /home/dsl in my backup cause I use persistent home

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Posted by roberts on Aug. 28 2008,15:18
It is a safety valve that has been part of DSL for as long as I can remember.

If you wish to disable it, look at /usr.loca.bin/exitcheck.sh and comment out or delete lines 49-51.

Then add /usr/local/bin/exitcheck.sh to your /opt/.filetool.lst and that should do it.

Posted by andrewb on Aug. 29 2008,00:23
I'd noticed this seemed to be happening. It isn't in the 3.x series. I have been playing the 4.x series as true frugal installs with the home directory being backed up. I guess I'd have really noticed once I moved to the 4.x series as the primary install with the /home directory on a different partition to allow it to be persistent - backing that up would fill up the partition used to store the backup file!)

This information might be worth adding to the 'help' file displayed by dillo.

Posted by roberts on Aug. 30 2008,05:06
You are correct. It was not part of 3.x and only in 4.x.
I will remove it in the next cut of 4.x.

Posted by Gustav on Sep. 02 2008,19:19
* Added support for environment variable BACKUP=0 to change the default backup option in dslexit

The environment variable seems to be not working for me: I can't change the default backup option in dslexit, it always remains checked. This is how I added the BACKUP variable...
Code Sample
export BACKUP=0

I also tried adding that line to bootlocal.sh and adding BACKUP=0 in .xinitrc with no success. Should I add BACKUP=0 to the boot parameters?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 02 2008,20:54
bootlocal will not work.  If you use .xinitrc, make sure you place that line near the start of the file.  Also, make sure the # isn't there.

If you don't want to modify startup files, you could invoke dslexit with something like
Code Sample
BACKUP=0 dslexit

Posted by roberts on Sep. 02 2008,22:49
.bash_profile is where you want to put your additional exports.

cat .bash_profile, you will see the IRCNICK export.

It is here that you should add

export BACKUP=0
export PRINTER=lp

and any other exports that you may need.

.bash_profile is executed once upon login.
.bashrc is executed each time a shell is opened.

You can as thehatsrule said prefix an export before the command. But for these exports I would recommend using standard *nix convention.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 02 2008,23:10
/etc/profile would be the best place since it is global imo... but it is not backed up by default afaik.
Posted by Gustav on Sep. 03 2008,01:33
Thanks guys for the info. I tried to add it to .xinitrc as stated in the < DSL Wiki > but ignored that .bash_profile also exports variables. I'll read carefully next time. :D
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