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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on July 09 2008,03:40
DSL v 4.4.3 is now available for download.

* Fltk editor replaces editor.lua, i.e., our notepad.
* flminicalc replaces calculator.lua.
* dslexit replaces exit.lua.
* Improved hostname support via host boot code and networking as suggested by chaostic.
* Updated minirt24,gz to support knoppix_dir and toram as suggested by chaostic.
* New bootfloppy with improved minirt24.gz from above.
* Clean up and removal of unused files as suggested in the forums.
* Updated /etc/filesystems as suggested by Lucky13.

Files that have changed and are likely in your backup:

Posted by JohnJS on July 14 2008,00:02
rs: re 4xxx versions.
Have you noticed the lack of activity in the forums/topics ever since dsl_core was released?.

Hope this does not mean a lack of interest. I for one really appreciate and enjoy the 3x and 4x versions being a relative newbie to Linux.
Reading all the questions and responses has been a tremendous help.

Posted by gammelmarakuja on July 16 2008,10:24
Ye...same here, i think acctually DSL 3x and 4x are more interessting than DSL core (even though the new kernel is quite amazing) as they have most packages already and don't need to be installed manually which saves a lot of time and is easier!
Thanx :)

Posted by curaga on July 16 2008,10:47
As long as there is interest in a kernel 2.4 gtk1 system, I will keep it going.
Robert in 4.4.2 thread.

Posted by roberts on July 16 2008,16:02
Good grief, the last release of 4.x is only 7 days old.

dslcore is in alpha development.
A Community Edition is the target of such.

I honestly, don't know how to respond.

Posted by JohnJS on July 16 2008,17:36
Hi roberts,
Sorry if you misunderstood my note. Was not searching for new releases for 4xxx.
Just noticed the drop off of questions and responses in the forums/topics other than for dslcore. I check the forums daily to try to learn more about DSL.
It's still amazing how you manage to keep improving the projects.

Posted by tikbalang on July 22 2008,03:54
using virtualbox 1.6.2 on winxp, i did an hd install with ext3 and grub but it won't boot. lilo worked ok. the virtual hd was unformatted (freshly created).
Posted by RRRR on July 25 2008,00:33

* dslexit replaces exit.lua.

I wonder whether the environmental variable BACKUP=0 that got in with v4.3 was forgotten when these tools where switched...?
I got some problems as described in < this thread >.  I would be grateful if the variable could be restored... :)

Posted by danielp on July 25 2008,15:25

Don't forget that it's the summer in the northern hemisphere and people are probably thinking about other things than DSL during that time  :cool:

Posted by tikbalang on Aug. 09 2008,03:25
how can i start dsl 4.4.3 from dos using loadlin? i have the standard iso version.
Posted by roberts on Aug. 10 2008,05:27
For general instructions see the DSL < Wiki >

There is also a bootfloppy-utils.img in the < 3.x directory > that has dos scripts for loadlin as well ldlin. Should be easy to modify if even necessary.

Posted by tikbalang on Aug. 10 2008,08:45
i followed the wiki using "options.txt" but it didn't work.

i ripped these two folders from dsl 4.4.3 standard iso to c:\


i copied another loadlin setup from another linux booter and substituted what i hoped to be the correct images. it starts to load linux24 but it hangs shortly after. i forgot what the last message was.

Code Sample

\boot\loadlin\loadlin \boot\loadlin\linux24 /dev/ram rw initrd=\boot\isolinux\minirt24.gz power_off=1 ramdisk_size=131072 init=/etc/init

that script was taken from a working advanceCD hd install. btw, my c:\ is actually the 4th partition on the 1st disk. i boot with a dos floppy.

Posted by roberts on Aug. 10 2008,13:02
The utilities diskette that I mentioned is  freedos and bootable. It has working examples of both loadlin and linld.

I prefer linld as it is a simple dos .com program and you can have the boot time options on the command line.

loadlin is a dos .exe program and uses an options.txt file for the boot time options.

The minimal files needed are linux24, minirt24.gz and knoppix/knoppix
I typically have them as such:

My options.txt file used by loadlin is as follows:

Then use the command loadlin @options.txt

Download the utilities diskette and use that as a working example.
Who knows maybe you will try  linld as well

Posted by tikbalang on Aug. 11 2008,07:30
thank you. i used the boot floppy and have almost similar dos scripts, both failed. is it required for "linux24" and "minirt24.gz" to be in c:\? i have it in c:\boot\isolinux\, just to organize the files a little.

i'm giving up at the moment, i don't mind booting from the cd. i'd still like to boot dsl from dos and i hope that this feature is not removed in future releases.

regarding loadlin and linld, is dos wiped out entirely from the system? what about hardware registers initialized during dos bootup?

Posted by curaga on Aug. 11 2008,09:45
Hardware registers stay, unless Linux changes them. This is how people get Vesa 2.0 for old cards (univbe from dos before linux) or get their proprietary sound cards working (dos initialization program)
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