Damn Small Linux
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DSL Relatives
Below is a list of GNU/Linux distributions that are either remasters of Damn Small Linux or are "work alikes" which are remastered from Knoppix but use code or ideas borrowed from DSL.

Pilot Linux
Bloody Stupid
Local Area Security
Feather Linux (closely mirrors DSL development) Now over 100MB, but still uses many runtime routines and a Xserver setup from the DSL project.
First port of DSL to USB boot
Danish version of DSL
AFROS (Atari Running on Any Machine) Live CD
bootable Counter-Strike server
Luit Linux 65 MB, XFCE and ROXFile
Lamppix Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl
XAMPP Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl
(are the above two related?)
Echelon Linux network services monitoring
Christian Linux Live CD
Hikarunix is dedicated to the ancient game of Go.
Pud Linux looks to be a very nice Chinese language derivative
An independent project to port DSL onto the Xbox system:
(now I have to go by an Xbox)
ELE -- focus on privacy related software
Folding@Home Server