Laptop Refurbishers

Sell Used & Refurbished Laptop on the DSL website!

I am looking to open up a marketplace to connect DSL users to quality used and refurbished laptop vendors. If you are in the used laptop business, please reach out to me. Ideally, I would like to have representation in North America, Europe, the UK, and elsewhere so that the users of DSL do not have to worry about prohibitive shipping costs.

How's it going to work?

Quite simple. I'll set up an online store and give vendors access to maintain their own listings. If a vendor makes a sale, DSL gets a flat commission of just 10%; the vendor keeps the rest.


Used and refurbished laptops are a natural pairing with the DSL project. Many used laptops just need a little refresher or minimal hardware upgrade to provide a long life for a Linux enthusiast to enjoy.

I refurbish laptops, how do I sign up?

Contact me at

Thank you,
John Andrews