Apt-get :: new to linux/ apt-get?

i need to get an unrar tool for dsl, but when i asked about it in a diffrent forum the repy i got was

"apt-get install unrar"

my problem is that i am sooo new to this that i have no idea what exactly that means. please help


Try this link,


And have fun!

install the dsl-dpkg.dsl with the MyDSL icon on your desktop.

open a root xterm and type "apt-get update" and when that's done, "apt-get install unrar", and when that's down close the Xterm

Open emelfm and navigate to your rar file and type in the input line at the bottom of the window "unrar myfile.rar".

Learn to use Google.

thank you kindly  :D
Hi, I was searching and found this post. I did the apt-get update part and got this error. Can anyone help?


E: Could not open lock file var/lib/apt/lists/lock - Open (13 Permission denied)
E: unable to lock the list directory


If anyone could help it would be great. I installed apt-get from the MyDSL program and from what i saw nothing went wrong.

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