Apt-get :: problems saving Debian packages between sessions

I am unable to have my Debian packages persist between sessions on my USB embedded install of DSL.  I followed the directions in http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/wiki....for_DSL by copying the .deb package into /mnt/hdb/mydsl .  The package is persistent, but it is not re-installed upon DSL start-up.  

In fact, oddly, I get all sorts of tar errors when starting up, such as

tar: var/lib/dpkg/lock: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

What is the prescribed procedure for saving/restoring Debian packages between DSL sessions/start-ups?


Are you sure you read it correctly?
For Debian packages, copy them into the optional directory. Also add the dsl-dpkg.dsl to have the Debian Package Management files restored. Then use the dpkg -i /path_to_deb_package to install under your control.
Note that you should use the unc package if you're using unionfs though.

I did read it right  :cool: , but I didn't know about the unionfs issue.

If I do

Code Sample
apt-get install tcsh

how do I find the .unc package?

I was referring to dsl-dpkg.unc vs dsl-dpkg.dsl, but either one would probably work anyways.

If you wish to keep the .deb's you can load them with dpkg -i like what's on that page -- so I don't think you read it correctly.

You can also convert the .deb's to an mydsl extension if that was what you were getting at (see wiki)

I see.  I tried deb2dsl, but it seems to convert everything into one .dsl file.

Is there something more subtle?  Perhaps a script that converts individual .deb packages to .dsl packages.

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