Apt-get :: dpkg command

I have done a Hdd install on a computer with no internet connection (no ethernetport). I want to install a .deb file and the instructions say to use the dpkg. When I use that command it says "bash :Sudo: dpkg not a command". I restored the dpkg archive to the /var/lib/ directory. It still doesnt work and Im new to linux in general. Is there any way to get this to work?
Grab dsl-dpkg.* from MyDSL.
I cant do that, there is no internet connection on that computer. Is there another way to get this?
How did you get DSL on there?

If you really have no internet access on a machine that can transfer data, I guess you ccould ask someone to mail you it on a cd or something.

I did an install from a CD. I have the dpkg.tar.gz in the var/lib diretcory, but the next step of "apt-get update" doesnt work. I dont know where to go from there.
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