Apt-get :: How to enable apt in dsl 3.2?

I've installed dsl 3.2 on a really old toshiba laptop. I'm pleased with it in terms of speed and hardware configuration. I would, however, like to add some apps (gtk-gnutella, xchat, iceWM, abiword...), and I wanted to enable gnu utils and apt as described in the Help-document. This guide is pointing med to tools>apps> gnu-utils/enable apps, trouble is, in my menu, these choices aren't there. I tried to re-install several times, without any change. How can I enable apt-get i dsl 3.2?
If you read the release note,it was dropped. You now have to get it via the mydsl icon.
Thanks kerry. I found synaptic in the myDSL-browser, and saved it in /usr/share. It works! I hope the help-document will be updated, though.


don't mind telling you fellows doing away with apt sucks!! downloaded synaptic but doesnt work. too bad they've ruined a good distro. adios
Apt isn't really done away with, it's just in a different place.  

You can easily get it through Mydsl as dsl.dpkg.  It's in the system part of Mydsl.

If you load synaptic, you'll probably need to modify the /etc/apt/sources.list file.  Where is says oldstable, remove the old.  Then I think it will work just fine.

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