Laptops :: X refresh issue on ibm 560e

I have installed XFre86 server on laptop ibm560e using "XFree86-devel.dsl". X starts ok but it seems that XF86Config frequencies setup is not ok because start "firefox" i can see in the bottom of the screen 3 small replicas of overall screen and aligned (in the same line). Video car is Trident Video Accelerator 96xx/938x (chip Trident 9382, 2MB memory) and supportted 800x600x24 (-bpp 24) on windows 2000 (being 60Hz the windows monitor refresh frequency).
I read that with XTrident server, it would be solved but not found in google...Also a XSVGA server, coult solve the issue.

Any help will be very much appreciatte!!!

I will try to put some pictures.

Regards and thanks!

original here.