Laptops :: epia mII hde & hdf same device

ok so not a laptop, but close.

my new installation of a server is on a "johns toy" epia MII 600MHZ machine with an IDE flash module (hda1) and a 1Tb Seagate usb drive for storage.  the main machine has no moving parts except for a 350Mb microdrive in the cf slot to be used as swap space to add to the 500Mb ram.

However the machine boots DSL and sees the cf drive as both HDE1 and also HDF1 and therefore the drive can be mounted twice.  this wasnt a problem when I used the drive for storage (vfat), but now i have formatted swapspace on it, after booting, it is telling me I have 684Mb of swap spread over hde1 and hdf1.  firstly this MUST be the beginning of problems with swap, but more to the point how can this be, and how can i resolve the issue.

many thanks for reading and many more for your thoughts.


Turn off automatic swap use, and manually enable it for one of the drives. Also, check the cf slot to see if it has a switch or jumper that might disable any two device ide option.
cool, so ive now formatted it ext2 and created a 300Mb swapfile, then mounted and activated swapfile from bootlocal.

I could just keep it swapfs but this gives me a little more flexibility as the 1tb drive is very slow so i have used the other 30Mb for htdocs.

no sign of jumpers or control on the board, im gonna flick thru the bios and see if it could be anything in there, however, its not so much of a problem now.

thankyou again

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