Laptops :: satellite 4070 cds

I have a toshiba satellite 4070 cds..366mhz....192megs..800x600...I can not seem to get dsl 4.4.3 to boot to seems to list all and looks good as it boots but fails after xsetup...any thoughts..used both vesa and various 16 24 32..I also used older versions

it did not like puppydingo, pclos2008, antix m7.. so no big deal....but I had hope for a linux..perhaps it was designed only for 98..

any thought?

edit: it to boot to when I open ppp dial and click config..when I hit enter to create account it disappears...better mess with it for a while...sorry..

when the cd boots type this in the command line fb800x600 then see if it boots. Thats what I had to do with my panasonic toughbook to get it to boot then installed the config-4 after I installed XFree86
Thanks for the tips...I did use fb800x600 and did not use vesa and lowered depth...thought it may be the cd burn was to fast...think this cdrom is 24x...anyway will try xfree86 and play some more...thanks..winme is not likeing this old lappy either ..or maby I have become so use to linux distros that it just seems annoying....blablabla...

.THANKS for your reply

just thought I would add an update to this thread
I found a pc card modem and it seems to be working at ttys2 on dsl 2.4 and I am typeing this. I booted fb800x600

I did try dsl 4.4.3 but when I open the ppp dial and click create account, when I choose create account the dialog disappears...I went back to 3.2 but although I created an account and it seemed to dial the browser found  I booted 2.4 and here I am..perhaps I am doing something wrong or the dialer is not what it once was..anyway this old laptop is now working with dsl live2.4 and a pc card dialup modem with success....
curious to know if the dialer in 4.4.3 is malfunctioning or it does not like this laptop...I did try a slower burn..seems to work otherwise.


edit:  rebooted 2.4 with the toram option and stuck an mp3 cd in the drive and am listening to some tunes while browseing..dsl is rockin on this old laptop

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