Networking :: Betaftpd configuration/documentation wanted

I just discovered betaftpd and in a few minutes I could transfer files from XP to DSL  :laugh:
Unfortunately I could checkout every file/dir on DSL  :(

I google for betaftpd but no documentation for this problem what so ever. So where can I find documentation for configuring my daemon to keep clients in my wanted directory only.

- DSL 1.0

Hi it's me again. I found some doc's on the (beta FTPd homepage
And there is some info on the documents here: betaFTPd-docs
It seems to me there is not a lot of activities on betaFTPd.

All this consedering i decided to switch to pureFTPd and after reading some docs, installing en configuring it works nicely.
But it's a pity that the ftp-server that's included in the distro of DSL doesn't work properly

greetings !

I posted a reply in this topic :;r=1

Yesterday I was unable to succeed with the same procedure... :) ..

Yes I already figure that one out but the problem is the following:
When ftp-ing to DSL the start up-dir is the corresponding account-directory but with all the rights of this account. So in fact you can acces all other directories ( i.e. /home/dsl) and that's not what I and I supose everybody wants. So this problem leads to file- and directory-rights and that's not documented yet.

Maybe now it's a (small) DSL-problem but I'm not so familiar with DSL yet. So if somebody can help ....

I've been reading the forum posts and trying to figure out a way to  make betaftp more secure/private for several days.
This was my solution. I'm not sure how secure it is but it does seem to add a little bit of privacy from one user to another.
If anyone knows of any drawbacks to this method please post a reply. I'd hate to break the functionality of any other apps on my box. (FYI: I'm running DSL 2.0RC)

1. Login to the box as user DSL
2. Right click on icon Emelfm and execute it as Super User
3. Navigate to the /home folder and you will see all users on the system.
4. Select a user's folder (ie /home/dsl) then right click on the folder and select Properties, then select Permissions.
5. Remove READ WRITE and EXEC permissions for Groups and Other. This leaves permissions only for this particular user to access his own files.
6. Click on Recurse Directories and select OK.
7. Repeat for every other user.

I realize this could be tedious if you have lots of users.
Personally I only have 3 users on my box so it's not a big issue.


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