Networking :: Installing Intel e1000e drivers

Yeah I know, found that command somewhere (hard to find the one which solves the "readonlly FS" error), but doesn't help.
The hostname only changes when I add the host= option during install, not after...

Recommended, but more possible?
My Windows XP computer has one with 14 characters, works fine.
edit: wait, you said 8, it shows 9 characters...
And I've read about this problem somewhere on the forum, if only I can just find that topic again...

Well, I hate waiting for week(s), that's why the pm.

Now to solve the problem with the Intel network driver that still isn't working, and I also would like to know why GRUB isn't working on this particular computer (see other topic of mine).

Recommended, but more possible?...wait, you said 8, it shows 9 characters
More are possible, but it is limited by the distribution. I've seen somewhere that the limit is shown in a header in /sys, but since DSL doesn't have anything there I don't know what DSL's limit is...apparently it's 9.
I think the maximum (if the distro doesn't limit it) is 32? Keep in mind that if an application uses hostname but only supports 8 characters, that application would retrieve an incorrect name.  As far as I know, that's the reason for the 8-character recommendation.

Hostname problem fixed. :)

I put the host= option before ssh and toram instead of after.
Now I see the full hostname.

But... Now the backupfunction doesn't work anymore, DSL keeps showing that "DSL X Setup" during boot.
Yes, I've entered a device to save the settings to, like I did the previous times I installed DSL, but now it wont save (or load?) the settings.

Didn't do something to cause that, I think.

Ran the mke2fs command at the console while DSL was running from cdrom. (partition was already made)
Installed frugal Lilo, with the host= ssh and toram bootoptions.
Entered (when asked) a location for MyDSL.
After installation I mounted the CF-card and copied over the mydsl folder.
Removed DSL cdrom and reboot.
After booting I entered hda1 as backuplocation, like I did several times before...

Making the backup seems to go fine, but DSL won't load the saved settings anymore. ???

Changing the order of boot options shouldn't make a difference.  I'm guessing the extra length of the hostname may be adversely affecting some programs?

What does the /proc/cmdline file contain?

What happens if you reduce the size of host name to 8 characters, without making any other changes?  If that fixes the trouble then you'll know long hostnames are not a good idea.

Apparently it does, so it seems.
Don't know, if that is the case, weird...

/proc/cmdline : (before I cut the hostname)
auto BOOT_IMAGE=DSL ro root=301 ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=us apm=power-off hda=scsi hdb=scsi hdc=scsi hdd=scsi hde=scsi hdf=scsi hdg=scsi hdh=scsi nomce nodma quiet frugal BOOT_IMAGE=/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX fromhd=/dev/hda1 host=BocaDelInfierno ssh

Should that line look the same like one in the lilo.conf file?
It's because I see something, well, not see something actually.
The mydsl= option isn't there at the end of the line, but it is there, and working, in the lilo.conf.

Hostname cut to 7 characters, didn't help.

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