Networking :: Belkin USB Notebook card not recognised


I'm trying to resurect my old laptop (Unika, PII 233 MHz, 64 Mb RAM, 3 Gb HD) with DSL 4.4.10. This unit has no USB port, but I NEED USB access. So I have that Belkin USB 2.0 Notebook card (pcmcia card as far as I know) which works just great on my other laptop (under Xubuntu), but is not recognized by DSL on my old laptop. It's not a pcmcia problem, as I can put in a Wireless card, and be connected to the net through it.

Any known problem with that PCMCIA card (Belkin USB) ? Any missing module/driver ?

Any help would be appreciated, as this prevents me from using DSL and that old laptop.

Thanks, Jean-Marc

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