Networking :: ALFA AWUS036H RTL8187L

I have been a DSL apostle from the start, have all the books and your work is outstanding and practicle.

I'm on the road and connecting to wireless is a must do.

The Alfa card is nothing short of amazing.  Fist off in runs 500mw of power, way more than most wireless adapters.  Infact, one must plug into two usb ports to draw enough amps for the transmitter!
Best of all it has a robust antenna jack.  One can put a gain antenna in the window or a yagi antenna on a camera tripod and connect to home from miles away.

The drivers for this card are included in the 2.6 kernel so a native configuration in DSL would not be easy.  But perhaps someone has already done this.

As the card has lots of windows drivers what would the best ndiswrapper implemetation be?  Sould I try windows 98/95 drivers?  XP?  Likely not the 64 bit or Vista drivers.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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