Networking :: zydas 1211 usb

what version of dsl have the drivers of zydas 1211 operative or how is posible install it , with details thanks
None of the DSL versions have modules for the Zydas 1211 usb sticks. I have some compiled somewhere, but from memory it is better to use ndiswrapper. The reason for this is the that version of wpa_supplicant contained in DSL doesn't work with the Zydas chips. I have somewhere also a version of wpa_supplicant that does cope with the Zydas chips.
The instructions of the product say this, what can i do:
Because more and more people install the Linux operating system in the desktop and
notebook, we provide the Linux solution of our ZD1211 802.11a+b+g Wireless LAN
Card. ZD1211 provides 802.11 a+b+g wireless solution for USB interface. In our
ZD1211 solution, we can run in the Infrastructure (Managed), Ad-hoc or AP (Master)
modes. One can easily change these modes. This document is intended to describe how to
setup and how to use ZD1211 under the Linux operating system.

1.1 Requirements:
1. Kernel 2.4.20+ . The driver had successfully built in Redhat9, Fedora Core2,3 ,and
Debian 3.1. You can easily build it without any problem
2. To build zd1211 you will need: Configured kernel source code for the kernel you are
running. Ideally, Configured means that you have at least run 'make config', 'make
menuconfig', or 'make xconfig'. If your platform is not SMP system, please don't
config SMP supported, because when module loaded, this will make unresolved
3. Make sure your kernel usb 2.0 support is running
- Use lsmod to check "ehci-hcd" module is loaded.
- If host is not support usb 2.0, zd1211 will run under pure-b mode.


I've uploaded the zydas drivers & the correct version of wpa-supplicant again to Note that there are two versions of the modules, depending on which kernel version you are using (i.e. which version of DSL you are using). [It would be useful if they could be put in the repository somewhere]

You will need to unload any modules that are loaded during the boot sequence relating to wireless networking & then reload them after you have loaded the zydas modules. You should get an ascii ZYDAS logo on the console when you have loaded the module 7 then inserted the usb dongle. The dongle I have didn't work well with a USB mouse in use at the same time - very slow & a lot of messages on the console from the usb hotfix process. I ended up using ndiswrapper for this dongle.

original here.