Networking :: booting from the dsl 3.2 cd;trying to go online

basically booting from the 3.2 cd; trying to setup:
Card: Airlink101 802.11 Super G USB 2.0 Adapter, 108mbs Model# AWLL4030

   * Chipset: Atheros
   * usbid: 0cf3:0001
   * Driver: athfmwdl & net5523 from [25]
   * Other: This model needs two drivers installed: athfmwdl and net5523. Download the drivers from the main website above.

but in ndiswrapper, how do you put driver/s to work in there and which ones do you use? I downloaded drivers for this usb network adaptor, but confused about how to use them!
If someone could help that would be cool.

Atheros support is built into DSL v3.2.

I am using a laptop with atheros chip built into the laptop.

Also the Airlink 101 802.11b/g Super G 108MB AWLC4030 is natively supported.
This is pcmcia version of what you have.

When you first boot your system without doing anything with ndiswrapper, what does iwconfig display? Do you see an ath0 device?

thanks for the reply,
when booting without ndiswrapper the iwconfig shows the
device: eth0
channel: 6
and that's it, I don't see the ath0 device.

Since neither ndiswrapper nor native boot appear to work, it might suggest an irq conflict.

Look at

dmesg | grep -i irq

for possible conflicts and possibly boot dsl with the pnpbios=off

I got the internet working with this damn small linux, good job on the programming of this version. pop the cd in and go on the internet, pretty easy stuff if you ask me! keep it it up! we need more people like yourself.

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