Networking :: run sshd on boot time? (DSL 7.2)

How can I run SSHD automatically at boot time?
(so - I won't have to start it over again and again
via the DSLpanel after each reboot) ???  

I'm using DSL 7.2

If from a HDinstall - edit your /home/dsl/.xinitrc file.
See the "dillo" line in the .xinitrc file for an example.
Open your menu file in .fluxbox to see how the
desktop menu starts ssh.
( sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start ) I think....

If from liveCD or poorman's install , after editing the
.xinitrc file, make sure you put a line to it's location
in your filetool.lst, so you can backup your changes
before rebooting.

Then reboot with the restore=hd?? command.
This will restore your edited copy of .xinitrc,
and run ssh automagically.

Or, build a simple .dsl extension with only that 1 file in it,
( /home/dsl/.xinitrc ) and place the extension in the root of your cdrom.
Then DSL will boot without intervention, and load and run it

Since it needs to launch and run as root,
there are probably other ways to do this as well...


.xinitrc is actually used to starting other X programs and is dependent on a particular user loging in and starting the X server. For system daemons it is preferred to use:

From liveCD:
At the first boot prompt:  boot: dsl ssh
This method is useful for occasionally starting ssh at boot.

Using Frugal select is as a daemon at the prompt when installing via frugal.
This method will start ssh eveytime the system boots.

For hard drive and liveCD to always boot with ssh daemon started, add the following line to your /opt/

/etc/init.d/ssh start

liveCD users would also need to add /opt/ to the filetool.lst and backup. Then upon restore the ssh daemon will start.

Worked. Thanks a lot!
(I'm using the hd.)

I have another question but that's for a seperate thread...

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