Multimedia :: autoplay files on USB?

any way to make DSL autyoplay mp3s from a usb when I insert it?

automount and then play?

im a wicked noob! sorry....

You *could* try to script that but I can think of too many things that can go wrong if you were to do that. Autoplay is a (really bad) Windows default setting I've always changed so I have more control over my system. A better idea might be to set up a script or alias that mounts the device and also launches whatever media player to play files from whichever directory. You could add something like this to your .bashrc:

alias mountandplay='mount /mnt/sda1 && xmms -play /mnt/sda1/mp3/playlist.m3u'

If you have no other mount* executables in your $PATH, you'd only need to type mounta and then tab to complete it and then enter. I would also set up an alias to stop and umount the device (alias unmountandplay='killall xmms && umount /mnt/sda1'). Good idea to check mtab and make sure your device is unmounted before removing.

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