Multimedia :: I need a better pdf viewer!

Is there anything else I can use with DSL that will actually read the pdf documents out there?  How do I install this other program?  xpdf doesn't cut it - many documents cause it to crash.
gsview.uci in testing is a good one
gsview.uci is a huge thing just for viewing pdf files (although much smaller than acrobat reader).
Unfortunately the newer xpdf uci package doesn't help.

I'm seeing more and more pdf files all the time that cause a segfault in xpdf, but I don't think it's necessarily the fault of xpdf. My guess is that ghostscript will eventually need to be updated in DSL if xpdf wants to stay in the base.

You can use imagemagick to convert PDFs into other image files. For example:
Code Sample
convert whatever.pdf pages-%03d.png

...will convert into a series of images from pages-000.png to however many pages (minus 1 since starting at 0).

Then view in xzgv or firefox or dillo. Comes in handy if you only want certain pages anyway, but it can take a while to convert lengthier documents.

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