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How do you play the following types of streaming media in Linux?

.wax, .m3u, mms, .rm

I would like to be able to listen to my favorite online radio stations and they use these different protocols.
Also, how do you get Firefox to recognize them and know what to do?

You need the appropriate plugin for each type of media content. You can set each MIME-type up in the content section of Firefox' preferences (edit-preferences).
.m3u is just a playlist, you feed it to a player as one, such as "mpg123 -@ list.m3u"
Quote (curaga @ Mar. 10 2008,10:21)
.m3u is just a playlist, you feed it to a player as one, such as "mpg123 -@ list.m3u"

When I clicked on an .m3u link on a web page, it started the mplayer application but it froze my computer. I couldn't do anything and I had to turn it off and back on again.
The same thing happens when I play other online streaming media.
What could be causing this?

Improper set up? Are you using mplayer console but not opening in a terminal? I don't know if that would freeze it or not. If that's your intention (to not open up all the skinned GUI apps), you may need to write a shell wrapper and then use it for whichever MIME types (I do that with various console apps).

Most online streams will be pls or icecast, not m3u playlists. I haven't tried playing m3u playlists online (much less with mplayer -- which is not in the base so this question probably belongs in extensions), but I would think xmms would do just fine with those.

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