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Is there any way to get flash working with mydsl version of firefox running off a frugal install?
Flash v7 works fine as it installs in your home directory under .mozilla. It is included in the default backup of home/dsl/
Even though I dislike the direction Adobe has been taking Flash, I appreciate that it has so far been backward compatible...animations created in very old versions of Macromedia Flash still work in Adobe Flash.

It would be very sweet if some talented developer were able to create a decent open source program that could create the basics of Flash creation  that have been supported in Flash since the early days. F4l is trying to do that, but it's a very slow process.

Unfortunately it seems that most Flash development these days has been focused on just streaming video rather than flash-based animation. The streaming video doesn't really have anything to do with what flash is best at doing, as far as I'm concerned.

HI DSLers:

I want to get flash to work and saw these posting. I saw the .so and .xpt files in the .mozilla/pluggins directory..... but flash still does not work.

Could somebody please provide step-by-step instructions for getting flash to work on the most recent version of DSL?

Thank you!
Phil Smith
Duluth, GA

Did you close and restart firefox?

Or hitting reload a number of times seems to get flash loaded as well.

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