Multimedia :: Audacity and Lame; how to use

Notice lame.dsl does not include libmp3lame; only the lame program.

This doesn't limit anything; just save from Audacity as WAV and then encode with lame:
lame --vbr-new -V3 -h sound.wav sound.mp3

If you need the library, download fom the mydsl repository alien debs and dsl-dpkg and then google for "libmp3lame download" download the rpm file go on MyDsl and click install aliendebs
then open aterm and start typing
sudo alien -i [what ever the package is called].rpm

it might give you errors like packages could not be installed and such stuff.

Anyhow go to /home/dsl and there you will find the folder which you just created. Open it , go to usr, to lib and there should be two files

rename the first one to and copy both to your /usr/lib

now open audaity and go to preferences, go on the second or third tab and choose the just saved file.

you might also want to delete the folder in home, as there is nothing you would need anymore :)

Thats how it worked for me...if you should have quiestions, just ask

oh...could it be i just replied to my own post?...oops..well i hope this helps someone ^^ because just after i posted the last one i figured out how to do it ;)


rename the first one to and copy both to your /usr/lib
The first one shoud be a symlink to the second.  It's actually recommended to create a copy of that symlink as rather than renaming it.  Libraries have specific names, and those specific names are used by different applications.  This is why you'll often find several symlinks to the same library, all named slightly differently.

The lame library is also included with some other mydsl extensions, sox.uci being one that I know by name.

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