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Anyone able to get your scanner working with DSL?  If yes, how?  Is it possible to network the scanner?  My scanner uses SCSI and it's a HP ScanJet 5p
You may be able to use Synaptic or APT-GET to install the SANE package and see if you can get it working.
Hi, I also have this problem...I tried two things: -

1) apt-get install xsane
but when I type in xsane in the command line it says the licencing information cannot be found and maybe xsane wasn't set up properly.

2) ran the sane front- and backend-packages but I can't find any interface and have no idea how to start the thing in an xshell...

Any help please?

I've managed to get scanning working from the command line on a couple of hp all-in-one printer/fax/scanners using hplip/sane-backend. It should be possible to network the scanner(s) but I didn't try that yet.

I'd like to be able to scan directly from the mydsl gimp extension but it looks like I'd need to compile xsane or xscanimage and link them as a gimp plug-in.

Did you finally manage to get xsane working (to save me trying)?

I just discovered that it is possible to scan from the command line directly into the mydsl gimp extension as-is - this works even if gimp is not running:
Code Sample
$ hp-scan -n --editor=gimp

HP Linux Imaging and Printing System (ver. 2.7.6)
Scan Utility ver. 0.2
Services and Status Daemon ver. 9.2

Using device hpaio:/usb/OfficeJet_K80?serial=ES0911401VOH
Opening connection to device...

Resolution: 300dpi
Mode: color
Compression: JPEG
Scan area (mm):
 Top left (x,y): (0.000000mm, 0.000000mm)
 Bottom right (x,y): (215.899994mm, 381.000000mm)
 Width: 215.899994mm
 Height: 381.000000mm
Destination(s): editor

Warming up...
Read 32.6 MB from scanner.
Closing device.

Sending to destination 'editor':
Editing file in /usr/bin/gimp

It's impressive how well dsl managed to manipulate a 32MB image...

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