HD Install :: grub install?

How do I get grub to install cleanly on a HDD install of DSL? I have d/l it via apt-get and tried running grub-install but it complains about there being no floppy drive and then says that /dev/root is not a valid block device.  Any ideas?
I have windows 98 on my PC (Compaq Presario 4540, AMD K6 233mhz and 48 Ram with 2gb HD) and I want to install DSL simulitinously with win 98 but I don't have a clue how to do it.

I have no knowledge at all about Linux, so plz be gentil with ur answers!:)

Thx a lot!

If you both go to the Linux From Scratch website, there they have information on how you can install GRUB properly, even with dual boot systems.
I have finally made it! The distro is very good, and I think it is what I needed. However I seem to be stuck when it comes to the use of Internet. I can't go on the net. I have download drivers for my modem (Lucent I56LVP-C10) but I don't know how to use, I dunno how to make it work, I need to get command line to make it work.

I have to say guys, this is the best Linux forum ever found on the net. I have never seen such forum keeping in touch and helpful. Keep it up!;)

Thx guys!

Someone who knows nothing about Linux!

Check out this website that may help you out.
DSL is a distrobution based on Debian so you may get these drivers to work with DSL


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