HD Install :: Boot from ISO file on HDD?

Is there a way to boot from an ISO file stored on my Harddisk?

I tried the boot switch "dsl bootfrom=/home/dsl/iso.iso", but it didn't work.

I'm guessing there must be some LILO setting to make it work, but I am unable to find it.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: The ISO image is bootable. I can boot off it if I burn it to a CD.

thats exactly i am missing on dsl.

the reason i downloaded dsl
was i inteded to run an old p75
and an old laptop without
installing linux or dsl,
evrytime just boot from hdd
either the iso or the busted iso

if it boots from USB
if it boots from cdrom
HOW TO old fashioned booting from hdd???

well, you should look the documentation perhaps...

Quote (ypx @ Feb. 27 2005,05:02)
well, you should look the documentation perhaps...

no - i want to boot from HD toram
without lilo, without "installation"

if it works from cdrom
if it boots from usb

damn, why doesnt it boot from hdd?
again no depackaging,
no trees,
just the 50 meg file copied
to hdd and a boot record on hdd
just like booting from cdrom.
AGAIN: NO "installation"

Your description or terminology is a little confusing...  let me explain.

If , by " no installation" , you mean you wish to run from the compressed image,
rather than a HDinstalled filesystem, that is no problem.
Like you stated, cdrom does it, usb does it, and hdd can do it too.

But , you also say that you do not want lilo.
SO , how do you wish to boot your compressed filesystem?

Normally, you can use either a cdrom , usbkey, or floppy to boot your box.
at the prompt: , type  " dsl toram fromhd=/dev/hda1 "
or whatever HD partition you copied your cd contents to..

Without lilo or grub, these are your only options for booting the compressed
filesystem that you copied over to your HD.

Search the documentation and the forums for "frugal" or "poormans"

Also, the 'bootfrom'  option needs the partition, not the path.
i.e. - not " dsl bootfrom=/home/dsl/iso.iso "  , but
" dsl bootfrom=/dev/hda1/iso.iso "


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