HD Install :: HD INSTALL

yall will have to forgive me, I have not used linux in about five years. I know I have sinned.

I am trying to install a updated copy of DSL on my old laptop.
Its a SONY PCG-705
2.1 GB HDD
64 MB ram
I burnt a Live disk and if I use default boot options, it get to where tux appears in the upper corner and then nothing, If I use the install cheat code it loads untill it get RAMDISH: Compressed image found at block 0. How do I get past this point?

have you run the live cd first..I would run live before install but setup a swap file as 64meg is low...try dsl vga=normal or fb800x600 or what ever the fb is at boot..if you see tux then nothing.. it should help.. I just booted 4.4.10 on a toshiba 4070 cds with 192meg and get all the way to x and it stops...booted 2.4 though and all is well but cannot mount the pcmcia burner although it is detected
best of luck

original here.