HD Install :: Error 15 File not Found?

I recently rebuilt an old IBM Thinkpad 390X, and partitioned it off so I had Xubuntu and DSL on the hard drive. I got Xubuntu working,  than installed DSL on its own partition.

When start the machine and get a list of OS's to choose from, and when I select DSL it get "Error 15 file not found". I tried reinstalling DSL with both Lilo and Grub boot loaders, than with no boot loader. It still doesn't work, and when I tried to start Xubuntu I just got a spew of error messages.

So now both versions of linux on that machine are dead and I know very little about linux (that machine was going to me my learning tool) so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Error 15 means that the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst is pointing to a file that doesn't exist.

I get this quite often if I have to edit by hand and end up mistyping the version numbers in a kernel filename.


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