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minirt24.gz is where all the changes are for each release, linux24 would change only if the kernel was changed.
So, you must update your minirt24.gz if you wish to avoid bugs and stay current. The size varies with each release.

Thank you, I hadn't realized that it changes that way; I'd thought only the KNOPPIX file changes.


Directory of C:\KNOPPIX

. <DIR> 01-07-08 8:46a .
.. <DIR> 01-07-08 8:46a ..
OLDKNPIX 50,359,507 08-31-08 6:21p oldKNPIX
OCTKNO~1 50,456,056 10-12-08 2:37p octKNOPPIX
KNOPPI~1 50,495,417 11-03-08 11:08p KNOPPIX1103
KNOPPIX 50,570,245 11-25-08 2:56p KNOPPIX

You should always copy over both. Even the kernel could change, but unlikely due to modules not always supported going forward in the 2.4 series. The change log or notes does not specify where I have made changes in KNOPPIX and/or minirt24.gz. As a matter of fact, the frugal update option copies over linux24, minirt24.gz and KNOPPIX, but saves your boot configuration file(s).
* Updated minirt24.gz waitusb function occurred in release 4.0.
* Optimized minirt24.gz - much smaller occured in release 4.4.3.
My point is that DSL consists of three main files, linux24, minirt24.gz and KNOPPIX. In order to avoid problems one should not mix and match from various releases. All three should be updated when a new release is posted.

so when i have different frugal versions running from different directories, can i do something like :?

Code Sample

ls /mnt/hda1/4410

and then in grub
Code Sample

title DSL4.4.10
kernel /4410/linux24 root=/dev/hda1 quiet vga=791 noacpi noapm dma noscsi knoppix_dir=4410 restore=hda1/4410 host=server toram nodhcp noicons desktop=fluxbox lang=uk mydsl=hda1 frugal
initrd /4410/minirt24.gz

is this right?

yes. Looks pretty much like mine:

title DSL Ver 4 on hdb1 (mydsl=hdb1 restore=hdb1/dsl4)
kernel (hd1,0)/dsl4/linux24 quiet noacpi noapm noscsi frugal knoppix_dir=dsl4/ mydsl=hdb1 restore=hdb1/dsl4
initrd (hd1,0)/dsl4/minirt24.gz

title DSL Ver 4 on hdb1 (base norestore xsetup vga=normal)
kernel (hd1,0)/dsl4/linux24 quiet noacpi noapm noscsi frugal knoppix_dir=dsl4/ base norestore xsetup vga=normal
initrd (hd1,0)/dsl4/minirt24.gz

title DSL Ver 3 on hdb1 (base norestore toram xsetup)
kernel (hd1,0)/dsl3/linux24 quiet noacpi noapm noscsi frugal knoppix_dir=dsl3/ base norestore toram xsetup
initrd (hd1,0)/dsl3/minirt24.gz

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