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Quote (roberts @ Nov. 13 2008,15:55)
Quote (chaostic @ Nov. 13 2008,03:49)
Did you add the change to the apt sources?

That would be in the extension dsl-dpkg and not in the base iso.
So it would appear that that extension would need to be updated.

I have updated both the .dsl and .unc versions of dsl-dpkg to reflect the Debian Woody repository change.
from the control panel filetool.lua is executed by the normal user. is executed by root.

from  backup/restore item menu filetool.lua is executed by root. is executed by root.

from dslext is executed by the normal user.

If u do a backup either from the system menu or from the control panel, then u shutdown the pc with the cheched box backup checked in dslexit, the system gives an error, this is because the first backup leaves the file /tmp/backup_status that is owned by root.
A solution could be to put sudo in front of in the file

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After more testing I was still seeing some failures trying to pass only the "$?" so instead I test for a non-empty /tmp/backup_status. I also added more text to the various pop ups. Since we have rootless mounts I would rather do less sudo when possible. Anyway, here is 4.4.10
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