Site News :: dsl v3.4.12

I will merge xtdesk, the 3.x icon manager, into the next cut of 4.x and will be available as a boot option:  icons=xtdesk

Also will be a boot option of classic
That will specify fluxbox and xtdesk, i.e., will look like 3.x

Sorry for the late reply.

Adding xtdesk as an option is helpful, though I could get used to using the Apps folder. I don't remember that being there the last time I looked at DSL 4.

I would say my real request is for docked.lua. I use the "mounting" half every time I use DSL 3.  Is there any easier way to list, mount and unmount available devices in DSL 4?



docked.lua and the mount tool is in the latest 4.x. It is part of the classic boot option of v4.4.6.

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