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* Added support for environment variable BACKUP=0 to change the default backup option in dslexit

The environment variable seems to be not working for me: I can't change the default backup option in dslexit, it always remains checked. This is how I added the BACKUP variable...
Code Sample
export BACKUP=0

I also tried adding that line to and adding BACKUP=0 in .xinitrc with no success. Should I add BACKUP=0 to the boot parameters?

bootlocal will not work.  If you use .xinitrc, make sure you place that line near the start of the file.  Also, make sure the # isn't there.

If you don't want to modify startup files, you could invoke dslexit with something like
Code Sample
BACKUP=0 dslexit

.bash_profile is where you want to put your additional exports.

cat .bash_profile, you will see the IRCNICK export.

It is here that you should add

export BACKUP=0
export PRINTER=lp

and any other exports that you may need.

.bash_profile is executed once upon login.
.bashrc is executed each time a shell is opened.

You can as thehatsrule said prefix an export before the command. But for these exports I would recommend using standard *nix convention.

/etc/profile would be the best place since it is global imo... but it is not backed up by default afaik.
Thanks guys for the info. I tried to add it to .xinitrc as stated in the DSL Wiki but ignored that .bash_profile also exports variables. I'll read carefully next time. :D
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