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Hi roberts,
Sorry if you misunderstood my note. Was not searching for new releases for 4xxx.
Just noticed the drop off of questions and responses in the forums/topics other than for dslcore. I check the forums daily to try to learn more about DSL.
It's still amazing how you manage to keep improving the projects.

using virtualbox 1.6.2 on winxp, i did an hd install with ext3 and grub but it won't boot. lilo worked ok. the virtual hd was unformatted (freshly created).

* dslexit replaces exit.lua.

I wonder whether the environmental variable BACKUP=0 that got in with v4.3 was forgotten when these tools where switched...?
I got some problems as described in this thread. I would be grateful if the variable could be restored... :)


Don't forget that it's the summer in the northern hemisphere and people are probably thinking about other things than DSL during that time :cool:

how can i start dsl 4.4.3 from dos using loadlin? i have the standard iso version.
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