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Another possibility is to attempt to pick up development of Lua FLTK where Jay Carlson left off several years ago (or attempt to get him interested in updating), but this doesn't sound like a very likely thing.

Tolua is still in development, though, so maybe the process has become easier for the non-programmer.

Tolua is something that Florian and I discussed at the very onset of the creation of the shared library.

But given the fact that the selected sources were/are GPL there was no need to reinvent.

I agree there's no reason to reinvent wheels. There's also no need to suffer under his or anyone else's tyranny where the license gives us the freedom to use it in whole or in pieces as we see fit so long as we comply with the rest of the requirements of the license.

If florian or whomever wants to fork what Murga has released thus far under GPL, let's do it. Or consider it done already. Let Murga un-GPL whatever he wants in future versions if he so desires (and where it won't conflict with any of the licenses of what he wants to tie together).

I agree. I have posted the relevant section of Florian's README.
A simple, well maybe not too simple, but still, a howto text file to recompile GPL source files, untouched, to create the shared library.


to get back on track & away from the murga distraction. I have just noticed mixer-common.lua is still present in etc/init.d. The revised version of dmix doesn't require this. Another 1Kb free (don't spend it all at once!!). This is also true of v4.3 - the current 'current version'.

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