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Hi Robert!

Just tried to get the dmix to look nicer in fluxbox so I just put this line (as the second line) in home/dsl/.luafltkrc  Fl:set_font(0,"smoothansi")  and then all went back to the way it was in the RC's. So now it looks OK again.

Have fun keeping up your good work,

Quote (roberts @ June 09 2008,05:15)
Still not sure why all the labelsize are included in this script but labelsize(4) to labelsize(22) caused the wide variation of fonts when a scable font (helvetica) is used, as in .luafltkrc

I'm not sure why they are all there. They were all originally set to 10 in John's original version ofthe script. The different sizes are a leftover from when I amended the script to allow for the smoothansi font. I didn't realise at first that it was a fixed font & tried to scale it. I must have left the changes in there. I ended up modifying the box sizes to fit the font better. Sorry!

No problem. I view this project as a learning experience for all, and that most definitely includes me. I like the challenge to learn new things. As hard as we all try, nothing is perfect, but the effort is most welcomed. Besides, look at it this way, we all have learned that labelsize does work when used with a scable font and otherwise this fact may still waiting to be gleaned.

I will wait a few days and see if anything else needs a tweak and then issue a 4.4.1.

Adding the smoothansi font line and removing all labelsize commands cleans up the dmix script.
One other oddity I have just found in the dmix script is that the sliders are set up with the range 1-100 so that a volume of 0 cannot be set, other than by muting, or if the 'lock' option is selected. Umix accepts values 0-100 & that is what I used  in making the changes for the 'lock' mode.
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