Site News :: DSL 4.2.3

Change Log:

* Updated cdrtools (write to dvd)
* Fixed .jwmrc-keys - changed nextstacked to next
* Fixed ndiwrapper support scripts to match module.

Files likely in your backup:

Hi, winux suggested changing the default keymap for fr to fr-latin1 (in knoppix-autoconfig)
OK. Will change KEYTABLE as requested.
In 4.2.3 and 4.2.2 the pppdial through the icons of the dfm windows don't work, but through the menu items works OK.

After write the provider and click dial the terminal windows stay quiet.

The solution is to put, in the Shellcommand of the icon's option, sudo before !0!

"sudo !0!"

Thanks for reporting. Will fix.

Did you get your gateway or did you have to manually add?

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