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Change log for v4.1

* Updated pciutils to 2.2.9
* New iconView.lua - View & Edit xpm icons.
* New notepad (editor.lua)
* New mini-icons in jwm mydsl menu when available.
* New boot option user=name
* New boot option settime settime=its_server_name (must have boot time net access) use with tz=XX/Yyyyy for accurate local time.
* Updated torsmo to v0.18 - now supports noswap
* Updated .dfminfo now a plain text file.
* Updated processing order of extensions with .tar.gz now last to better support myconf.tar.gz
* Root menu solely under user control - defaults to selected window manager menu.
* Updated firefox default preferences to use SansSerif font.
* Added key bindings to jwm. Ctrl s=shade, d=desktops, z=menu, v=minimize, b=resize, n=move, m=maximize
* Added 'toram' to frugal installed grub checkfs menu item.
* Updated several murgaLua programs to reflect the dropped fl_ask GUI widget.
* Updated "Getting Started" with Esc and Backspace key definitions for dfm
* Better support for alternate window managers. - see /opt/.mydsl_menu/ and ~/.{wm}.inc
* Streamlined MyDSL download procedure - dropped use of sudo and download location prompt.
* Removed background/wallpaper control from dfm and .xinitrc
* Created /opt/.backgrounds, use xsri in window file include
* Updated wallpaper.lua to use new structure
* Dropped unused emelfm wrapper.
* Dropped SWM - Small Window Manager.
* Fixed link error.
* Added pop-ups to jwm tray
* Added *.siag to supported dfm extensions (.dfmext)
* Restored to 4-in-a-row (same location as in 4.0).
* Fixed bug in exitcheck (/opt/.filetool.lst)
* Fixed reported bug in cpanel when booted legacy

Many, many programs, files, and their locations have changed to support the new user=name option and the new window manager support.
Most noteably .filetool.lst and .xfiletool.lst are now under /opt.

New updated files likey in your backup


Special notes:

/home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds is now a link to /opt/.backgrounds
/home/dsl/.filetool.lst and /home/dsl/.xfiletool.lst are no longer used.

"* Updated firefox default preferences to use SansSerif font."

very good idea!

Looks like I will be the first to report a bug.
The user=name option is broken in the released copy.
It works in my final copy. But I made that before I generated the other four editions (Syslinux, Qemu, Vmx, and Initrd)..

[EDIT] Nevermind. Looks like it was a bad cd.

just cosmetics: you should change the name of the firefox icon to "Mozilla.xpm". it looks much nicer in the taskbar of jwm. :)
Two small issues with easy fixes:

1. Incompatibility with gtk2-0705.dsl (note the gtk2-0705.unc *does not* have this problem) - creates perl error
To duplicate:
a. boot with live 4.1 cd, with "dsl base"
b. open term window, and try "man", works correctly
c. install gtk2-0705.dsl
d. Run "update_to_gtk2" from mydsl menu
e. Run "man" again
Error message generated that "Can't locate in @INC...."

This appears to be related to the perl path expecting a directory /usr/share/perl/5.8 whereas dsl 4.1 provides a /usr/share/perl/5.8.0

A symbolic link for 5.8 pointing to 5.8.0 seems to work.

(BTW: If you restore your mydsl on boot, you might see this error as the system boots too. That is what clued me into the problem. The "man" example is just an easy failure.

2. No battery status displayed by torsmo
If you kill the torsmo process and try restarting it, you find that it can't find:

The real file (for my config) is

The problem can be eliminated by editing line 185 of .torsmorc and changing the phrase {battery 1} to {battery BAT1}

Restarting torsmo should display the battery status.

Thanks for all the work!


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