Site News :: DSL v.3.4.6

A minor release for for DSL v3.4 is now available.

Change Log for DSL v3.4.6

*  Upgraded torsmo v0.18 (patched to work with no swap)
*  Upgrading to murgaLua v0.5.5 caused several programs to break. These programs have been upgraded.

This was my error for not noticing that a GUI construct (fl_ask) had been removed. A  more generic construct is being used in its place (fl_choice). There should be no noticeable change in operation.

If you are using DSL v3.4.5 then please upgrade to v.3.4.6.
There are no changes to any backup files needed.

Thanks goes to ^thehatsrule^ for the patched torsmo and
mikshaw for helping in finding a replacement GUI construct.

-- Robert

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