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After several months and 5 release candidates of upgrades and retooling DSL to additionally provide drag-n-drop document centric computing I present v4.0

Change Log for v4.0

* Upgraded kernel from 2.4.26 to 2.4.31.
* Created new support modules: cloop, unionfs, ndiswrapper, fuse, and madwifi in support of kernel change.
* Changed icon/file manager to dfm for drag-n-drop capability.
* Updated murgaLua to v0.5.5
* Updated nano-tiny to v2.0.6.
* Updated Xpdf to v3.0.2
* Updated flrun.lua to v1.1.2
* Updated "Getting Started" to reflect the many changes implemented in 4.0.
* New dfmext.lua GUI tool for dfm associations.
* New xtar.lua. A new GUI to view,extract or process as a MyDSL extension various tar files.
* New netcardconf.lua. A new GUI to configure netcards, relaces dialog version.
* New printing.lua, called from the printer icon, provides "intelligent icon" to handle all printing needs, from setup, start, stop, or print, double-click or drag-n-drop.
* New add2filetool.lua, add2Xfiletool.lua, add2bootlocal.lua provides smooth interface for these tasks, double-click or drag-n-drop
* New switcher.lua GUI to switch WM, jwm, fluxbox, or swm
* Added sudo to myprism2, myndis, myiwconfig so they can be run from home by double clicking associated icons.
* New automatic update of etc.ld.cache for better support of uci extensions.
* Updated frugal_grub install to prompt for MyDSL, boot options, and langauge options.
* Added 'checkfs' option to grub menu for frugal grub installations.
* Fixed non-critical bug in dsl-config concerning hard drive installations.
* Added dsl 3 runlevel for multiple user dsl consoles.
* Fixed bug in iwconfig-setup
* Updated fluxbox menus to use system default font (helvetica).
* Added vim link.
* Patched knoppix-autoconfig to correct language issues.
* Updated minirt24.gz waitusb function.
* Fixed cloop error on traditional hard drive installations.
* New pendrive usbhdd installation script now uses grub with DSL on 2nd small partition and prompt for boot options.
* Removed pendrive usbzip install script, syslinux and mtools.
* Added taskbar buttons & click to focus in .jwmrc
* Added emelfm - dropped mc
* Created new Standard Boot floppy & PCMCIA modules floppy.
* Updated getman/man url
* Updated .torsmo_ip to fetch ethernet device from /proc
* Updated functions5.lua
* Updated DSLpanel Backgrounds calls dfm background option
* Update mydslDownload.lua
* Factored out .jwmrc-tray for better user control of tray icon choices.
* Restored busybox link to provide rpm2cpio.
* Added gettime.lua to jwm and fluxbox menus.
* Addded dfmext GUI, add2bootlocal, add2filetool, and add2Xfiletool to jwm and fluxbox menus.
* Added link

Hope you enjoy the new look, feel, and additional capabilities of DSL.

-- Robert

Hmmm....thats a big improvement. Thank you once again.
begin the legend...

when begin a distro dsl capable of translate to diferents languages...?

Thanks to all team of dsl

Beautiful release! This is the one I've been waiting for since 2.1b.
Great work. Its a long awaited one to many DSL fans. Thanks for that.
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