Site News :: free CDs of recent (but not current) DSL releases

I live in Canada and I would be interested in burning and sending CDs to other Canadians that are having problems burning or downloading the iso.  If anyone is interested they could send a SASE (suitable for a cd with no case) to me (address supplied if there is interest).  I can't do this on a large scale but if someone needs it I wouldn't mind.  If anyone just wants a CD and would like to contribute then anything worth about $0.50 (a stamp, a store coupon, a contribution to the DSL developers, etc...) would be appreciated but if kept on a small scale not required (this is for the community not for a profit).

EDIT: (to clarify) This would be for older versions as the New releases should be purchased directly from the developers to support DSL, if you can't download the latest iso.

i would be pleased to offer the same thing in the uk, post a request at my site and after you provide an SAE ill send you a recent dsl possibly on a 50mb disk.

(thanks for the continued requests, however I no longer have any old working disks and I dont want to be a free supplier of new disks.)

original here.