Extension Development :: Script required to delete a list of files?

Code Sample
$ for F in `cat files_list`; do echo "$F"; done [to test/double-check]
# for F in `cat files_list`; do rm "$F"; done
- does indeed delete the files in files_list

On a connected topic:
Code Sample
$ tar -tzf ../myapp.dsl > files_list
- will produce a list of files without the leading "/" required by the delete loop above. Is there a way to have the leading "/" without adding it by hand?

The leading / is removed when the package is created.
Probably the easiest thing to do is "cd /" before removing files.

fyi, those code snippets would only work on filenames not containing whitespace.
You could set IFS to newline or use `while read LINE; do echo $LINE; done < filelist ` (which can be more resource friendly afaik)

also, an alternative to cd:
while read LINE; do echo "/$LINE"; done < filelist

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