DSL-N :: Need Media Server solution for DSL-N

Yea,  I don't have a PS3, yet.... but that is one of the reasons I am migrationg the AV server off of the NSLU2.  High Def is in my future and that means a lot more storage space and a beefier server.

I was trying to do some compiling last night using the Knoppix 4.0.2 Live-CD.  I compiled a couple of small things (Realtek 8110SC GbLan Driver and mdadm) just for kicks.  Then I tried the libdlna and it apparently has a dependency on libavformat and some codecs that I need to find.

I may have been a little hasty saying that Twonky didn't work.  I think I found that my installation may have been faulty.  I ran it on my laptop on Knoppix 4.0.2 Live-CD and it appeared to install normally and behave itself after being started.

I will report back this evening when I get another chance to re-install the TwonkyVision MediaServer.

Libdlna gets all those from ffmpeg..

Check Mediatomb out too

Well, I moved to Knoppix 4.0.2 and have everything working....
I managed to figure out how to get it onto a USB Flash and get the startup scripts to start RAID, SSH, SAMBA, and the Media Server.  I was hoping to use DSL to fit it on a 256MB Flash but it looks like I will either have to re-master Knoppix or stick with a 1GB Flash.

Just one more thing to do... CUPS and Windows printing over Samba.  Thanks for the help.

There are cups and samba extensions in the mydsl library - I didn't try these with dsl-n though...

Edit: It might be better to take the hplip (edit out the hplip stuff, it contains cups) and samba-3 extensions since they will not over-write the base dsl-n with dsl files

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