DSL-N :: How to install network drivers?


This is my first time with any kind of Linux OS so please bare with me if I ask things that seem obviouse etc.

I have been trying DSL-N hoping it could be a kind of backup OS for me at first. if I can boot from a CD it might save me if my HD gets messed up somehow. It boots OK for me and I can use the desktop and apps but it dosn't seem to find my integrated ethernet adaptor -- I'll try to explain.

The button for "netcardconfig" on the "control pannel" just brings up a window saying "no supported network cards detected".

After reading the posts here i tryed the command "lspci" at a prompt to ID the adaptor I have  and the output icluded the following line:
"Ethernet controler: Intel corperation 82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controler".
Armed with this I have searched Intel's support pages and found a driver they say is for Linux so downloaded that and have been trying to install it following their instructions. Cut and past of of relevant part follows -- inset lines are their command examples.

1) Move the base driver tar file to the directory of your choice. For example, use '/home/username/e1000' or '/usr/local/src/e1000'.

2) Untar/unzip the archive, where <x.x.x> is the version number for the driver tar file:

              tar zxf e1000-<x.x.x>.tar.gz

3) Change to the driver src directory, where <x.x.x> is the version number for the driver tar:

                   cd e1000-<x.x.x>/src/

4)Compile the driver module:

                       make install

This seems to work, using the ramdisk to experiment with, untill step 4 when DSL reports something like that the "make" command is not available.  BTW. I have been trying all this with the system just as it boots up without changing users or anything.

Can anyone suggest how to get this working -- DSL and DSL-N seems a great project and  I would love to use it for something.
If you need to know anything I haven't mentioned just post and I'll try to fid out and get back.

Both DSL and DSL-N looks like they already have the e1000 driver... did you try them first?
Or did you need a newer version?

Anyways, if you want to keep on compiling, you'll find a compiler and other tools such as `make` in the gcc packages in mydsl

Thank you for the interest.

I must show my ignorance of Linux and ask how to use the driver that is included.

As I say DSL doesn't appear to find my network addaptor but I don't know realy how to check.

Thanks again for your time.

from a terminal type:
"sudo modprobe e1000"

explained: sudo - get administrator rights
modprobe - load a module
e1000 - the module to load

Thanks, that looks clear enough for even me to follow.

I'm affrade I haven't time to try it right now but when I next play with DSL I'll report back  wheather I can get it to work.

Thanks again

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