DSL-N :: DSL-N Update?

Hi Roberts

I've been following DSL-N from the beginning.  I see new versions of DSL coming on line regularly (and that's good!) but very little or no action on the big brother.  Has it been put aside as not very useful or are there some plans for developing in the future?  If the latter, can you estimate a timeline?  



There seems to be far more interest in DSL than DSL-N.
This may be because of the many distributions in that size/kernel range.

So, given the limited resorces, me, I focus where the interest is.
It is also true, that I develope for DSL because I only own old hardware.

I think John has DSL-N available for those who can make use of it.
I have discussed other possible avenues for the creation of a 2.6 Etch based DSL-N.
I have asked John to review what I have suggested. But at the moment, I do not know of a timeline.
I cannot speak for John.

I am sure that you are aware, I am working on a major upgrade to DSL.
Not only to upgrade the kernel, but trying to improve ease of use.

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