Release Candidates :: DSL v4.1RC2

That will work but is certainly not desireable.

Extensions made available to the public should not require the user to perform such step.
Performing such step is not desired for any extension, as they would not be cleaned up upon reboot or even un-mount.
To do so breaks the MyDSL system and causes a mess on the desktop.
It is these incorrectly made extensions that are causing grief and complaints.
Please make extensions made available to the community correctly

If you need a wrapper script to properly launch then provide such.

Well made application extensions at minimum should provide a menu and should be in the user's path.
At best they should provide icons for both v3 and for v4.

If you make links to MyDSL extensions on the desktop, you will end up icons that appear to not work, when the uci is un-mounted, or when a frugal or livecd is reboot and the extension is not auto reloaded.

Extensions should support all operating modes of DSL and not just traditional hard installation.

This is standard operation specifications for extensions.

Sounds reasonable.  Is there a process in place to ask the extension creator to resubmit with a menu?  For purposes of this board, the point is more that 4.x is working fine.
That is what the MyDSL Testing area of the forum is all about.
To test and give feedback to extension creators. Extension creators should accept the responsibly to vist the testing area to answer questions and concerns regarding their contributions.

The Testing area for extensions is like this RC thread is for testing the base DSL versions that I am preparing for release.

fwiw,   the app in question is in the UCI section.

The DSL 4.1RC2 seems to work very nice. I'm truly thankful that the background selector works perfectly as far as I can tell. Thank you for all the hard work Robert! Now I can write an updated Remastering HOWTO.

Have fun guys,

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