Release Candidates :: DSL v4.1RC1

No modules were cut. So please do report back any differences in modules loaded.
Hello again Robert!

I'm sorry, this was entirely a mistake from my side. I started the dsl embedded version with "fromhd=/dev/sda1" etc. and used a cd of an older version of DSL. I burned a cd with the new RC and tried it out and it worked just as it should. After that I started the embedded version with the new cd and it also worked just as it should. I'm posting this from the embedded version in question. So the whole thing was an error from my part so I'm truly sorry for my mistake.

As always have fun and keep up the good work,

meo, Thanks for the update.
When one publishes an new or radically different system, one never  quite knows how it will be received or what will be common issues.

What I am talking about here is Wallpapers, backgrounds. With 4.x it is confusing as there are three system competing for background control. And, if one partakes in adding new window manager, the completion would only increase. With the new window manager structure in 4.1, I am thinking of using a netural corner for background independence. That being the {wm}.inc file.

I would take away background control from dfm and .xinitrc. I would use, as in 3.x versions, xsri which is quite capable of many image formats (jpg, gif, tif, etc). This would allow for far more background choices without having to convert to xpm.

The xsri command would be specified in the window manager include file. By doing so, I could bring back my wallpaper.lua program and set the background via the include.

Any additional window managers using the new structure of the .inc would then also be supported.
We would have a common known location to manually change backgrouds if so desired.

Each window manager could easily have its own background.

xsri --scale-width=100 --scale-height=100 /opt/.backgrounds/lance-blue.xpm
fluxter -w &>/dev/null &
xsri --scale-width=100 --scale-height=100 /opt/.backgrounds/envane.tif


Hi again!

Sounds nice. I've been missing the wallpaper-tool and the icon-tool. That's why I generally use DSL 3.3-embedded.

Have fun in your hard work knowing it's really appreciated,

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